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February 14, 2006

The New One

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I have a new blog:


February 1, 2006


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the state of the union address is ridiculous (applause). the president gets up and explains the good things that he is done and the good things that he will do (applause). sometimes presidents, like george bush, get up and stumble and everyone makes fun of them (applause). othertimes they don’t, so you don’t hear about the state of the union address ever again (applause). if the president actually said something new or took a hard stance on a difficult topic then the address might be worth listening to (applause). but since he simply restates everything he has said through the past year i find it quite repetitive and repetitous (applause). now sitting through a stupid speech from a political figure is not uncommon, what makes the state of the union address so ridiculous is all the applause (applause). it constantly interrupts any train of thought and lasts for such a long time (applause). i bet someone could get through president bush‘s speech in twenty minutes if there weren’t so many constant interruptions (applause). that is why i prefer to read the state of the union address (applause). instead of listening to twenty seconds of speech alternating with twenty seconds of applause i skip over the eight letters and they conveniently put it in parenthesis for me (applause).

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