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January 31, 2006

super bowl extra large

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super bowl

  • yes, it is in detroit. that is neat.
  • football is a professional “sport” where the players get paid handsomely to don a highly specialized cluster of pads, toss a ball, take a five minute break, drink some gatorade, breath some oxygen, and go play for another thirty seconds.
  • the word professional aptly describes those who play football in the nfl seeing as in the late nineteenth century it was a euphemism for prostitution, often used to describe the job of a japanese geisha (those who sing and dance to entertain men).
  • the word sport means a game involving physical activity. the sport of kings is war. football contains less physical activity, not more. the fans get more of a workout jumping and cheering during a game than most of the players. when the farthest you can run is one twentieth of a mile and there are more pauses in the game than plays, it can hardly be considered physical activity. football is also nothing like war. war is not fun. war kills people. ever since the civil war, people don’t go out and watch wars as spectators. war is an armed conflict to deal with an undesirable situation.
  • while football is not a sport, it is made up of plenty of professionals. that says a lot about the rest of the professionals in the world.

extra large

  • i find it extremely amusing (nearly amusing enough to be categorized under random or simply random) that this year is the fourtieth super bowl. roman numerals are used to designate super bowls and the roman numeral for fourty is fifty minus ten, or xl.
  • what comes in extra large sizes these days? shirts for the football players who eat a lot and their increasing number of compatriats who are not getting paid to get fat. also a lot of advertisements. when men get fat, their bodies do not get proportionately large so to make up for being fat and having low self-esteem they search ‘extra large’ on google.

the world would be a better place if:

  • people did not waste their time and money watching, playing, or being at all associated with professional football
  • people realized what their bodies are and the potential their bodies have and began treating their bodies with respect (and there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic)
  • people were simply educated. if children were taught by their parents to take care of their bodies and their minds, they would not have self-esteem problems, financial problems, addiction problems, or a whole host of other problems that are raging in this “modern” times
  • parents stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for their children, realizing that raising their children is the most important thing they will ever do
  • people weren’t so retardedly stupid

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