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February 14, 2006

The New One

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I have a new blog:


February 1, 2006


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the state of the union address is ridiculous (applause). the president gets up and explains the good things that he is done and the good things that he will do (applause). sometimes presidents, like george bush, get up and stumble and everyone makes fun of them (applause). othertimes they don’t, so you don’t hear about the state of the union address ever again (applause). if the president actually said something new or took a hard stance on a difficult topic then the address might be worth listening to (applause). but since he simply restates everything he has said through the past year i find it quite repetitive and repetitous (applause). now sitting through a stupid speech from a political figure is not uncommon, what makes the state of the union address so ridiculous is all the applause (applause). it constantly interrupts any train of thought and lasts for such a long time (applause). i bet someone could get through president bush‘s speech in twenty minutes if there weren’t so many constant interruptions (applause). that is why i prefer to read the state of the union address (applause). instead of listening to twenty seconds of speech alternating with twenty seconds of applause i skip over the eight letters and they conveniently put it in parenthesis for me (applause).

January 31, 2006


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all praise alan greenspan. he directed the united states economy (and therefore the world economy) for nearly twenty years. he kept inflation down and the economy up. he kept our recessions down and our booms up. hip hip hooray for him.
yeah, right. sure he did all that good stuff, but what about the state he left us in. sure he embraced technology and helped advance our nation and the world and the bay area, but what about the bust afterwards? i think there are two huge problems with the world greenspan has left us with.

  • first, we are in a real estate boom. greenspan has effectively made plenty of middleclass white color homeowners into millionaires, but how long will it last? the prices of houses and land have been skyrocketing all around the country. from the district of columbia to seattle, from metro-detroit to orange county, from the desert surrounding vegas to the salt lake city-orem stretch of i-fifteen. while prices in the city have continued to go up as usual, the cost to buy a house in suburbia has increased significantly. what happens when people start retiring? they will move to florida or arizona or an assisted living center. sometime soon, lots of people will be selling houses in suburbia. because prices are so high right now many young couples are opting for apartments or deciding not to live in suburbia at all. many older couples are staying in their starter homes, unable to afford the down payment on a decent sized house in suburbia. one of these days, everything is going to hit at the same time and the value of land will drop drastically. millions of people are going to lose lots of money on their homes and realize they won’t be able to retire. if you moved into orange county ten years ago you could buy a very nice house for three hundred thousand dollars, now it is worth one point three million dollars. the owners see their houses as an investment and are excited that when they retire they can move somewhere cheap and have a million bucks to live on. now with the prices of medicaid and medicare skyrocketing, very soon people are going to be very much out of luck.
  • that is the first problem. the second deals with the international system. the united states is trillions of dollars in debt to countries around the world and that debt is increasing billions of dollars every day. out of all the money the united states borrows, most of it comes from china. sure it is awesome we are helping them develop their economy, but not when their economy is slowly beginning to take over ours. already they have taken most of our manufacturing jobs, leaving few jobs for the american low class to break the poverty line, let alone work their way up and live the american dream. america was built on immigration, but it can no longer support immigrants unless they come here with a university education and a decent knowledge of the english language. but back to the problem at hand, with the united states going further and further in to debt every day, the dollar loses more and more of its value. because american power is based largely on its economy, as the value of the dollar degrades, so does american power and influence. all that power has to go somewhere and right now it is going straight into the hands of the chinese. i can think of plenty of other places i would rather have the power go, a communist country who disagrees with international opinions of civil rights and nuclear proliferation is not one of them. once the chinese figure out how to feed their people and advance their military, the rest of the world is in for a ride. gone is friedman’s mcdonalds theory and nice lexus. gone is westernized, modernized, globalized, democratic power. simply put, the world is sliding; sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but always down. watch ben bernanke closely, but watch trends in america even more closely. be smart.

super bowl extra large

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super bowl

  • yes, it is in detroit. that is neat.
  • football is a professional “sport” where the players get paid handsomely to don a highly specialized cluster of pads, toss a ball, take a five minute break, drink some gatorade, breath some oxygen, and go play for another thirty seconds.
  • the word professional aptly describes those who play football in the nfl seeing as in the late nineteenth century it was a euphemism for prostitution, often used to describe the job of a japanese geisha (those who sing and dance to entertain men).
  • the word sport means a game involving physical activity. the sport of kings is war. football contains less physical activity, not more. the fans get more of a workout jumping and cheering during a game than most of the players. when the farthest you can run is one twentieth of a mile and there are more pauses in the game than plays, it can hardly be considered physical activity. football is also nothing like war. war is not fun. war kills people. ever since the civil war, people don’t go out and watch wars as spectators. war is an armed conflict to deal with an undesirable situation.
  • while football is not a sport, it is made up of plenty of professionals. that says a lot about the rest of the professionals in the world.

extra large

  • i find it extremely amusing (nearly amusing enough to be categorized under random or simply random) that this year is the fourtieth super bowl. roman numerals are used to designate super bowls and the roman numeral for fourty is fifty minus ten, or xl.
  • what comes in extra large sizes these days? shirts for the football players who eat a lot and their increasing number of compatriats who are not getting paid to get fat. also a lot of advertisements. when men get fat, their bodies do not get proportionately large so to make up for being fat and having low self-esteem they search ‘extra large’ on google.

the world would be a better place if:

  • people did not waste their time and money watching, playing, or being at all associated with professional football
  • people realized what their bodies are and the potential their bodies have and began treating their bodies with respect (and there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic)
  • people were simply educated. if children were taught by their parents to take care of their bodies and their minds, they would not have self-esteem problems, financial problems, addiction problems, or a whole host of other problems that are raging in this “modern” times
  • parents stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for their children, realizing that raising their children is the most important thing they will ever do
  • people weren’t so retardedly stupid

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